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    HtmlMenuItem and rendering mailto link


      I am trying to generate a help menu within my web application and would to like to place a mailto link within the menu to open the clients default mail program and fill in the to: and subject fields. I am creating the entire menuToolbar dynamically from a bound bean and can successfully create the link but I'm not getting the behaviour I want! ie.


              HtmlToolBarGroup tmpTBGroup;

              tmpTBGroup = (HtmlToolBarGroup) app.createComponent(HtmlToolBarGroup.COMPONENT_TYPE);


              HtmlDropDownMenu helpMenu;

              HtmlMenuItem tmpMenuItem;

              helpMenu = (HtmlDropDownMenu) app.createComponent(HtmlDropDownMenu.COMPONENT_TYPE);


              tmpMenuItem = (HtmlMenuItem) app.createComponent(HtmlMenuItem.COMPONENT_TYPE);


              tmpMenuItem.setValue("Help Request");

              tmpMenuItem.setOnclick("mailto:help@omniuscomputing.co.uk?subject=Website Help Request");




      creates a menu item correctly but it does nothing when clicked.


      If I use -

              tmpMenuItem.setOnclick("window.open(\"mailto:help@omniuscomputing.co.uk?subject=Website Help Request\")");

      then IE9 opens a new window and then tries to render the mailto link which does open the default email program but it leaves a blank window wich just looks rubbish! Any help would be appreciated.