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    web app packaging and classloading

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      Hi All,


      I have a question regarding deployment of a web app within JBoss AS 5.


      What I would like is to have is the web app we are developing to not have to include all the 3rd party libraries in the web-inf/lib and to move them outside of the .war.

      I know that you can place jar files into the server/{profile}/lib directory and they will be available to the web app.

      Personally I don't like this idea of putting the jars here as could then cause issues if other apps are deployed.

      What I would like is to package all the libraries up together say in an ear or a seperate war and then reference them from the web app.

      In Weblogic we can do this by creating a shared-lib as an ear and then reference that ear from your app.



      Is there an equivilant concept in JBoss?


      I guess the scenario would be akin to having multiple .war/.ear files that have the same library dependencies and not wanting to have to copy the libraries into each of the war/ear files.


      Many Thanks in advance,