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    Problems with Richfaces 4.0 and NetBeans

    cristian90 Newbie

      Hi everyone!


      I'm newbie with Richfaces and i'm having a problem adding this in a JSF2.0 Project in NetBeans.


      I created a new library called RichFaces where i placed all .jar:

      • richfaces-components-api-4.0.0.Final,
      • richfaces-components-ui-4.0.0.Final,
      • richfaces-core-api-4.0.0.Final,
      • richfaces-core-impl-4.0.0.Final,
      • guava-r09, cssparser-0.9.5 and
      • sac-1.3.

      and then i added this library to the project.


      And when i add <%@ taglib uri="http://richfaces.org/rich" prefix="rich"%> in my .jsp file, an error message appear and show me "The absolute uri: http://richfaces.org/rich cannot be resolved in either web.xml or the jar files deployed with this application"


      Anyone knows how can i resolve this problem?