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    Using jBPM5 in JEE6


      What is the best way to interact with persistent jBPM5 engine in JEE6 application?


      I'm learning jBPM5 and by the way trying to embed it in a JEE6 web application to build a simple BPM console . So far I come up with these design:


      @ApplicationScoped KnowledgeBase


      @???Scoped StatefulKnowledgeSession


      @RequestScoped ProcessInstance


      I'm stuck with deciding the scope for StatefulKnowledgeSession, because I can't understand the relation between ksessions and processInstances. I looked into code of jbpm-gwt-console and found that it uses single application-wide ksession. It is loaded from DB if found with id=1, otherwise new ksession is created.


      So my questions are:

      1) Does a processInstance exclusively belong to a particular ksession?


      2) If (1) = YES. Imagine I have a processInstanceId, then how I load the ksession it belongs to?


      3) If (1) = NO, is it safe to use a new ksession to operate on an already started processInstance?

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          Hi there,

          your question is a really good question. My personal answer is: it depends.

          It really depends on how you are planning to use jBPM5. The project let's you choose about how to manage the relationship between your processes and your sessions. For example:

          You can create a session per user and handle it's internal workflows or you can create a big session that handle a lot of work.

          You can keep track of the session that it's handling the process in a very simple map.


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