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    Difference between system thread pool & web thread pool

    ducheol kim Newbie

      Hi All.


      These days, it seems that system halted by deadlock issue.

      I saw that about 10 ~ 15 requests are blocked by detabase deadlock, and seems that other requests also blocked on that time.

      ( Other requests are processed after release deadlock )


      I read below web page, and it show that there are two thread pooling. One is thread pool on system and the other is thread pool on web container.



      I can't understand what is difference between system thread pool & web thread pool.

      Is it possible to block all of requests although only 10~15 requests are deadlocked ?


      Below are detail information our system.

      1. Jboss : jBoss5.1.0GA.

      2. JVM : Sun Java 1.6.2_22

      3. What service ? Axis2 1.3 ( SOAP based web service )

      4. System topology

          Our system consist two jboss instance. One instance is front end which is running with Axis2, and the other is back end which is running with EJB2.X session bean. Front end is session bean client , and it invoke backend to request any business process.( Include database related function ).