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    Problem with tabPanel

    J Miller Newbie

      I’m using the richfaces rich:tab component to display search results.  If you search for 6 items, the results show up in 6 different tabs.  I’m running into a problem where:



      - I open multiple tabs (doesn’t matter how many, as long as it’s more than 1)
      - I close any tab except for the last tab
      - Do a search for the item I just closed, and I get a 500 error

      Reading the console output, when I close the tab TAB2, I get this:

      tab panel [@selectedTab=TAB1] has no enabled or rendered tab with such name. Tab: TAB2 will be used instead!

      When I search for the item I just closed (TAB2), the console output shows me this:

      javax.faces.FacesException: tabs with the same name not allowed


      I maintain a variable in my bean that I use for the selectedTab property of the rich:tabPanel. 

      Any ideas on this?