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    Stomp and connection-ttl-override

    Robert DeNeefe Newbie

      Should there be a way to set the connection-ttl for Stomp without resorting to connection-ttl-override?  Since there is no way currently to set the connection-ttl for a Stomp connection, the only choices are to take the default or use connection-ttl-override.  Each has problems:


      Use the default of 1 minute for Stomp connections

      In a GUI-based end user app, idling over 1 minute is extremely common.  Since I am using Stomp, I would have to implement my own ping loop just to keep the connection alive.


      Use connection-ttl-override

      While this will allow me to bump up the Stomp timeout from 1 minute to whatever I want, it has the undesired side effect of forcing the specified timeout onto all connections, Stomp or otherwise.  I am affecting all connections just because I want to change the Stomp timeout.


      Can there be a way to just set the Stomp connection-ttl, either as an extra header in the CONNECT frame or as a configuration such as connection-ttl-stomp (or whatever is appropriate)?