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    Values on Delete

    Alessandro Di Pasquale Newbie


      As a consequence of my previous post I would need to see the values of deleted entities... not everything nulled out expect the identifier(s).

      Perhaps this could be configured in the persistence.xml with something like

      property name="org.jboss.envers.storeValuesForDeletedEntities" value="true" as a global hint or in the @Versioned Annotation as a per Class/Method hint - @Versioned(storeEntityValueOnDelete = true).

      What do you mean?

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          Adam Warski Master


          the one-but-last revision of a deleted entity holds the last values of a deleted entity.

          In trunk, the revisions-of-entity query has a new parameter, whether to select the "delete" revision with null data or not.

          If you know that an entity is deleted, then you could select its last data, by creating a revisions-of-entity query, with "selectDeletedEntities" set to false, ordering the results by the revision number, descending and setting the limit on the number of results to 1.

          Provided, of course, that I've understood your problem well :)