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    Re: Camel quickstarts

    Daniel Bevenius Master

      Hi Magesh,



      It is rather fixed by SWITCHYARD-249.


      Ah cool!


      So does this work because of the modules that we specify in standalone.xml or domain.xml:

      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:switchyard:1.0">
                          <module identifier="org.switchyard.component.bean"/>
                          <module identifier="org.switchyard.component.soap"/>
                          <module identifier="org.switchyard.component.camel"/>

      And SwitchYardDependencyProcessor adds these modules during the deployment stage. The issue being that previously, only 'META-INF' was specified as the import filter for these modules meaning that even though they export everything the 'META-INF/switchyard' directory was make visible to the deployment.


      AS7 is still very new to me and I'm just trying to wrap my head around what is happening.