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    Lengthy login delay


      I was wondering if anyone has had this issue with GateIn...  When I login (either as a user or root), sometimes it takes up to a minute for me to log-on.  I doesn't matter if it on my localhost machine (windows) or a server machine (Tomcat). Is there a way to speed this up?  I haven't even impliemented the SSO yet, so I'm guessing it may take longer in the future...


      Thanks in advance for the help.

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          M M Newbie

          I am also experiencing the same issue. Difference being I have a custom JAAS login module, that dynamcially creates user accounts in portal based on data from CAS SSO. Sometimes it takes 30 sec or so to do that which is one of my concerns before deploying.

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            Vikas V Newbie

            Hi MM,


            Since you mentioned you have a custom JAAS login module, thought of asking for help on JBID and JCR tables (though I had asked this in a separate


            post and didnt get answer).. I need to know what those tables(JBID_IO, JBID_IO_REL etc) are meant for and what will they hold (basically want to know


            interpretations for columns names)