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    JBoss high diskspace consumption during runtime. release upon shutdown

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      I have a strange situation that I am unable to understand or even explain properly. We run an application that is based upon JBoss 5.1 AS. The application is installed in an LVM mount /opt with 64GB diskspace out of which disk consumption is around 6GB with 58GB free.


      Over a period of time (could be days or weeks) the diskspace gradually vanishes. I say vanishes because I can't find any file/folder taking up all the space. When I shutdown JBoss the diskspace gradually appears again. Sometimes it takes about 2 minutes for full recovery.


      I am running this application in vSphere 4.1 VM with Redhat 5 x64 OS and there are 15 more VMs on the same host and none of them have such a wierd issue.


      I have checked the logs, temp folder etc but I can't find the culprit. Any pointer would be a huge help.