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    Problem with inputNumberSlider inside a popupPanel

    Antony Ellis Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have run into a strange problem when using the inputNumberSlider component, specifically when placed inside a popupPanel.


      The problem is that the slider refuses to move from the maximum value (right hand side) when the mouse button is clicked, however it will move if the mouse wheel is scrolled.


      If I move the same component outside of the popupPanel the behaviour is correct and the slider can be dragged or clicked on and will move as expected.


      I knocked up a simple page that includes two inputNumberSliders, one inside a normal rich:panel and one inside a rich:popupPanel in order to prove the behaviour.


      Is this a known bug?


      Are there any workarounds? (Aside from not using it inside a popupPanel )




      ps, I can upload the example if required, but its pretty straight forward to implement