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    Adding PortletInvokerInterceptor to chain

    Christoph Hennes Newbie



      we want to add a PortletInvokerInterceptor to the existing chain build by




      in GateIn Version of EPP 5.1.


      As far as I can see, there is no configuration based way (e.g. XML) to do this like in EPP 4.x. In the GateIn Source files I have found a sample (simpe-portal) jboss-beans.xml file, which may be a XML-style way to do this, but in the GateIn portal deployment, this file is not used nor I see a way to enable this file.


      My current solution is to write my own KernelIntegration class based on ExoKernelIntegration and replace the existing entry in




      with our class. This works, but I would like to know, if you there is a better solution for this.


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