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    RichFaces 4 CSV not working (no messages displayed)

    jrmeyer_aspecta Newbie

      Dear all,


      I am playing with the new RichFaces 4 for some days now and I like it.

      But I have a problem to get the client side validation to work.I did it (well I think I did it) exactly as described on your Showcase. But the validation message is never shown; neither in the JSR-303 example (first) nor in the JSF Standard example (second):


      Please find the sources (xhtml pages and beans) attached. I also attach a screenshot of my project structure; maybe it can help to find my fault.


      Sure, I also attach my web.xml and my faces.config. :-)


      I checked the pages already with firebug. For me it seems that the javascript methods for the validator are not created properly and thus the javascript is not executed when the validation is needed. But after this "conclusion", I don't at all how to fix it.



      Thanks in advance for your help. I am looking forward to your answers.

      Best regards, Jochen R. Meyer.

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          jrmeyer_aspecta Newbie



          I have solved the problem now.

          In a newly created environment you have to add the tags




          between <ui:composition ...> and <h:form> (sure, the tags have to be closed as usual). Then the pages in rendered correctly and the client side validation works.


          So I come to the conclusion that the examples don't work if you copy-paste them to your project what makes it a bit difficult sometimes... :-(

          Anyway, if you have this little information, the show cases are really great to learn programming RichFaces.


          Best regards, Jochen R.