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    Message delivery stops even though consumer connected

    daokeeff Newbie

      Hey all,


      I'm having some problems with JBoss messaging 1.4.6 (part of jboss-5.0.1 enterprise edition) in relation to messages being left on a destination even when there is an active consumer still trying to receive (with a receive timeout of 500ms).  It happens for both queues and topics. When I look at the state of the destination in the admin console it shows something like:


      Run State: RUNNINGCreated Programmatically: false

      Message Counter History Day Limit: -1

      Numeric Metrics


      Category: utilization

      Count0The total message count since startup or last counter reset
      Count Delta0The message count delta since last method call
      Depth13,683The current message count of pending messages within the queue waiting for dispatch
      Depth Delta0The message count delta of pending messages since last method call
      Time Last Update0The timestamp of the last message add

      Category: throughput

      Consumer Count1The number of consumers on the queue
      Delivering Count0The number of messages currently being delivered
      Message Count13,683The number of messages in the queue
      Scheduled Message Count0The number of scheduled messages in the queue


      We are using the 'default' configuration, unmodified other than to add several standard destinations in server/default/deploy/messaging/destinations-service.xml. The test we're running passes fine with several other JMS providers (including HornetQ), so we're pretty sure it's not a problem on our end. Can anyone offer some advice?



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          Ivan Nushev Newbie

          Hi Dan. I've experienced similar problem, though I use SSLServlet transport for JBM. I've described my issue in the post:


          Initially I had blocking problem but after I overcome it, it appears non-reliable client-side MessageListener. I'll track this topic for possible hints and ideas. Thanks.

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            daokeeff Newbie

            Hey Ivan,

            Thanks for replying. Having looked at the details of your issue it doesn't really seem to apply to us as we aren't using MDBs or 'chaining' destinations, and there wasn't anything in the client stack trace. We didn't really look at a stack trace of the broker. However it should be noted that when we disconnect the consumer and reconnect much later on (at least 10 minutes, so unlikely to be a timeout), the messages do get delivered to the new consumer. We're only using JMS in a very simple way for testing purposes at the moment. Unfortunately it still seems to be failing in a pretty worrying manner! Thanks, and any thoughts anyone else has on how to further diagnose this issue would be much appreciated.