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    2 GC Logs on Same Machine

    EBS EBS Newbie

      I want to setup 2 JBoss instances in same machine and they will use 2 different IPs.

      The JBoss version is JBoss EAP 5.1.0

      And for each JBoss instance it is required to have dedicated gc log.

      Is there any way to do so?

      Thank you.

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          I don't see your problem


          If you start two instances you can set the -Xloggc: for each.

          Correctly you set it in run.conf, if you copy the server/... dir for each node you can have a run.conf in each conf directory instead of bin/run.conf


          If you have two complete installations the run.conf and log directories are different anyhow.

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            EBS EBS Newbie

            That means there are 2 options



            duplicate the folder


            which contains the run.conf


            2. have 2 complete installation of JBoss


            One of my concern is that is there any config file JBoss refer to which is outside /usr/local/EnterprisePlatform-5.1.0/jboss-eap-5.1 ?

            For example, will JBoss refer some config stored inside /usr, /opt, /var etc?

            And both the instances may share the same config file.

            Thank you!

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              Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

              Normally you have the directories bin and server within the JBossAS root.


              1. option

              take a full copy of JBossAS-root

              might change the run.conf in the bin directory

              the GC.log is can be located in each directory because it is configured in run.conf



              copy a directory of the server directory, e.g. all or default to node1 and node2

              copy run.conf into node#/conf directory and do your changes

              start the instances with 'bin/run.sh -c node1' and 'bin/run.sh -c node2'


              JBoss did not refere configuration outside the JBoss-root directory.

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                Peter Johnson Master

                There is no need to install EAP twice, nor to make copies of the jboss-as directory. Besides creating two server configuration as Wolf-Diter mentions, make two copies of run.sh and run.conf, one for each instance. You can leave them in the bin directory.