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    JBOSS  5.1.0 Hibernate compatibale applications

    sureshtechspot Newbie

      Hi ,


        Can any one tell In JBOSS 5.1.0.GA can I deploy a web application ( war file ) which has hibernate 3.0.5.jar in its WEB-INF/lib folder.


      Actually I am trying to upgrade my AS from 4.0.3SSP1 to 5.1.0.GA . My web application is using hibernate 3.0.5 version . The same application I am just copying in deploy folder of 5.1.0.GA . But Some hibernate exceptions are coming.


      From the jar-versions.xml I understood that 5.1.0 is using Hibernate 3.3.1.GA. So I am getting an impression that In jboss 5 I can't deploy the older applications which are using hibernate 3.0.5.


      Can any one please clarify me this.