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    How to control fault message information sent from a service in a general perspective?

    Calle Andersson Newbie

      Exceptions may occur when executing the action pipeline of a service and fault messages are automatically generated (in different ways depending on the exception type) by the ESB framework. However, I need to be able to control what kind of information a fault message contains when sent from a service. (E.g. the fault message from a specific service should be an XML containing the text "Error code X! Contact Y for help".) What is the intended and/or best practice for obtaining this kind of behavior?


      I am interested in how people have made solutions similar to the one described above. (I hardly believe that I am the first one to encounter a need for this type of behavior.)


      I started another discussion some weeks ago with a similar question but in this discussion I am looking for a more general approach instead of a specific solution on a specific problem.