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    Jboss 6 with Tibco EMS: where is JmsConnectionFactory?

    Johan Ferner Newbie



      I'm trying to use JBoss 6 with Tibco EMS. In Jboss 4.2.3 I followed http://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossEAP5IntegrationwithTibcoEMS and that worked fine. Now with Jboss 6 I cannot find org.jboss.resource.adapter.jms.JmsConnectionFactory.

      The jms-ra.rar has been completely changed to hornetq?


      I still see that the docs/jca/jms-ds.xml for JBoss 6 exists and references org.jboss.resource.adapter.jms.JmsConnectionFactory.


      In googling this class I come across other vendors that use the same class when connecting their JMS servers to a JNDI pool.


      So what is the new way of doing this?


      Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum to ask this in. I'm a complete rookie here