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    seam and subversive

    fabio di biase Newbie

      Hi to everyone,
      i'm using eclipse with subversive 0.78 plugin and javahl 1.5 SVN connector, for share a seam projects. Sometimes when i'm download a new projects from svn repository, the file of this project is downloaded and versioned in the test-project and not in the main project. The procedure for download this project from eclipse is:
      1)SVN project (put the url and the credentials of svn repository);
      2)check the option "copy in new project from wizard"
      3)create a new seam project;
      4)set the JPA compatibility and the correct package (session and entity);
      5)checkout the project;

      But sometimes the verioned project is he TEST project.

      There someone have the same problems?

      Where i can found the correct procedure for share seam projects in SVN?

      Thanks a lot, Fabio.