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    TCP security questions (5.1.0.GA)

    Björn Danielsson Newbie

      I have just started porting a GlassFish project to JBoss 5.1.0.GA. I noticed that JBoss by default binds all listening sockets except one to I think such a security policy is excellent by the way, and I wish GlassFish and Tomcat had the same defaults.


      But I have a question to the community here, a twofold question actually:


      1. How do I configure the address binding for the single randomly-numbered port that is listening on


      2. Why are only 14 of 16 sockets controlled by ${jboss.bind.address}? Of the remaining 2 sockets one is bound to regardless of ${jboss.bind.address} and the other one is bound to Has this been dealt with in later JBoss versions?


      PS. I tried the other profiles also: web, standard, and minimal do not open this randomly-numbered port bound to But my project needs the Java EE features.