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    Run once per test case

    Michal Huniewicz Newbie

      Hi there, I googled a bit but couldn't find a proper solution. I need a method to run once per test case. The method needs to have @Inject'ed fields already set up, so I can't use static @BeforeClass.


      At the moment I'm doing this:



      public class ObjectTrackDataHandlerImpMacOsIT {
          private StubSongDao songDao;
           private static boolean handlerHasNotRunYet = true;
          public static JavaArchive createTestArchive()
                  throws IllegalArgumentException, IOException {
              return ShrinkWrap [...]
          public void setUp() throws Exception {
              if (handlerHasNotRunYet) {
                // Expensive operation that needs songDao.
           // tests


      But that's kinda dull. Any ideas?