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    richfaces 4 wish list

    choesang tenzin Newbie


      I have been using richfaces suite for some time now. We have recently began our migration to richfaces 4.


      Things that I miss and wish to have:


      1. I would like to be able to load all the styles and scripts as a single file. It makes a huge performance difference.


      2. Why isnot the resources (js/css) not being loaded at the end of the page (following the standards of improving performance ) ?


      3. Would not it be great, if the users can externally load the resources by themselves, providing more control the developers. In our case, we could get rid of styles and scripts related to components we dont use in our system.


      4*. When migrating from richfaces 3.3.3 to richfaces 4, I have a hard time finding the right substitute of event in the new framework.

      e.g. <a4j:ajax event="onuploadcomplete"/>, it is nested inside a fileUpload tag.

      Can I find somewhere a list of all possible event's? I am using eclipse and the IDE is provides no help and also no help from the richfaces documentation either .