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Hotrod-Client and locking

infinikli Newbie

I've noticed that calling getAdvancedCache() in RemoteCacheManager results into an UnsupportedOperationException which means that locking a CacheEntry is impossible when using the HotRod-Client-Serverarchitecture. Is there any other way to enable locking, e.g. with VersioningAPI?


We need to perform the following operations atomicly:

- lock a key / entry

- obtain data from the cache

- e.g. modify existing entry / create new entry / do some lightweight business-operations

- release lock


Thanks for your help!


Side note: The reason why we need to switch to HotRod is that we must ensure the size of the available heap of our business-logic. We can't do this when running Cache and business-logic within the same JVM as mentioned in http://community.jboss.org/thread/165951?tstart=0 (https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ISPN-863) as the size of our cache-entries varies. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

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    Mircea Markus Master

    Remote transactions over hotrod won't be supported untill 5.1 (ISPN-375 and in particular for your use case ISPN-848)

    Versioned API seems like a good fit for your scenario: if the version has been modified in between your read and write you'll get an exception.

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    infinikli Newbie

    Thanks for the answer, but how do I put a not yet existent value with version into cache?

    E.g. two RemoteCacheManager-instances invoke parallel RemoteCache.getVersioned on a not-yet-existent-value. Both clients will receive null for the given key. I can not use RemoteCache.replaceWithVersion because no such value exists, so I have to use RemoteCache.put which means that one value will be overridden by the other. Is there a way to handle this issue?

    I'd like to have a feature where I can put a value with an initial version (say 0) which succeeds only if no such value exists.

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    Dan Berindei Apprentice

    The first time you can use remoteCache.putIfAbsent(key, value) (it's actually inherited from ConcurrentMap).


    Unfortunately if that fails it returns a non-versioned value, if you want to retry you have to either use remoteCache.replace(key, oldValue, newValue), which calls equals() on the values, or do another remoteCache.getVersioned(key) so you can call replaceWithVersion. I suspect in most cases it would be better to use replace() and avoid the extra RPC.