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    Injections fail after update to 1.0.0Alpha5

    Marc Walter Newbie

      After updating to Arquillian 1.0.0Alpha5 the @EJB injections don't work anymore in my tests. Doesn't matter whether I use remote or local interfaces. I also tried the MyEjbLocalTest example from the Arquillian documentation but it fails with "Verify that the Bean has been injected".


      The Arquillian EnterpriseArchives are built and deployed to the container without error so I have no idea what is wrong now. Perhaps someone can help me. I tried to use @EJB(mappedName = "xyz") with some JNDI names the container provides for the interfaces (printed out to console during application deployment) but that didn't help as well. I'm using WebSphere V7 with arquillian-was-remote-7 dependency. Thanks a lot!