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    Custom Hibernate annotation are not checked in RF3

    Gab Aldian Newbie



      I am currently using Seam2.2/Hibernate 3.3.X (hibernate-validator 3.0.x)/JSF 1.2/Richfaces 3.X and won't upgrade for serveral reasons. I followed the writing your own constraints tutorial to create some custom constraint annotations.


      Thoses annoations successfully pass the unit tests. They are successfully recognized and applied by Hibernate. But it seems that JSF just won't take them into account. This is very uncool, because unlike hibernate built-in annotations which are checked a first time at JSF validation phase and a second time when Hibernate performs the request to the database, those one are only checked by Hibernate, and if there is any problem, I get a beautiful error 500 when the runtime exception arises.


      So here is my question: Is there any special parameter to give to JSF to tell him to take custom hibernate annoations into account?



      I have to tell you that my validators doesn't implement the PropertyConstraint interface. But I didn't understand the purpose of this one, and there doesn"t seem to be an obvious link with my problem


      Thank you very much