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    ConnectionLoadBalancingPolicy: improve interface

    Richard Kennard Novice

      Hi guys,


      I'm looking into creating my own CustomLoadBalancingPolicy implementation. However the interface seems kind of restrictive:


      > public int select( int max )


      It's not clear to me from that how I could do anything other than 'random', 'round robin' or 'first element' (ie. what is already implemented). Would it be possible to get this interface changed/enhanced somewhat? For example if it was:


      > public TransportConfiguration select( TransportConfiguration[] nodes )


      Then it would be just as easy to do 'random', 'round robin' or 'first element', but I could *also* make a choice based on the characteristics of the node. Equally something like:


      > public int select( HornetQContext context, int max )


      May work, as a way to 'explore' the wider context of the environment I'm in and make an informed choice as to which node to select.