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    WYSIWYG Editors - Implementations

    Lukáš Fryč Master

      Since we are going to implement editor component in upcoming major release,

      I have started survey on current implementations which suits our needs,

      now you have possibility to choose which one particular implementation do you like

      or recommend your favorite choices.


      I have divided editors to two groups:


      • full-featured
        • offers complete editing experience
        • heavy-weight - decreases user experience
        • still might be optimized for simple scenarios
      • lightweight editors
        • offers enough of editing experience (but lacks advanced options)
        • light-weight from their nature
        • needs plug-in when achieving advanced use cases


      Let's check it out:


      Full-Featured Editors


      TinyMCE (Demo, LGPL, enteprise support)


      CKEditor (Demo, LGPL, enterprise support)


      HtmlBox (Demo, MIT, JQuery-based)


      Light-weight Editors


      YUI Editor (Demo, BSD)


      CLEditor (Demo, MIT/GPL, JQuery-based)


      NIC Editor (Demo, MIT)



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