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    Query Framework


      Hi! I have a question about the query framework in modeshape. I've stepped through the code with a debugger. It seems that a lucene index is queried internally.


      I'm writing a custom connector to integrate a proprietary repository into modeshape. Well, I was hoping I could use the query in my own "RequestProcessor". Consider having a backend system with multiple gigabytes of content and you are not allowed to index it at initialization time in modeshape.


      Is there any chance to bypass the lucene mechanism? Or is this an integral part of the framework?

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          At this time, ModeShape can only handle the queries by using the internal Lucene indexes.


          We designed the query framework so that we could either handle the queries internally using the Lucene indexes (as you describe), or push the queries down to the connectors so they could handle the queries as necessary. Our priority was to use the internal Lucene indexes (the former), as none of our connectors at the time uses sources that had sufficient capability to handle queries. And we simply never have hooked up the latter approach of pushing the queries down to the connectors. It's really almost there, but we've just not had the time to go back and dot the i's and cross the t's. Part of the problem was that we had no connector to even integrate this with, but now we have the JCR connector.


          I don't think we have a JIRA task to cover this, so if you log a feature request to capture it, I can look at and try and get it working. Also, it'd be a great help if you could test it once we have it in the 'master' branch.


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