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    Last Value Topic

    Leon Ferguson Newbie

      Does HornetQ have the ability to do last value topics?  I currently see last value queues in the documentation.  I am looking to use it for market data where the last value of the topic is sent to the consumer upon subscription, like the ActiveMQ feature LastImageSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          Everything in internally in HornetQ is a queue bound to some address. JMS Topic Subscriptions are just core-queues as anything else.


          Having said that, if you want to apply the last-value sematics to your entire JMS Topic, all you have to do is:




              <address-setting match="jms.topic.MyLastValueTopicName">



          However I'm not really sure if it makes sense, since the Last-value-queue will always receive the last-value anyway.

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            Leon Ferguson Newbie

            In the case of market data would a wild card setting work, something like <address-setting match="jms.topic.quotes.*"> so you would not have to list thousands of topics.


            Thanks for the clarification.  Great product

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              Clebert Suconic Master

              Was that a question?



              Yes if you were asking.


              if you were just confirming.. yes anyway.