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    Problems Migrating RF 3.3 to 4.0 - HtmlModalPanel

    Gilson D Elrei Newbie

      Hi Guys,

      Someone can say where's HtmlModalPanel in RF 4 or how can i bypass it ? I have an application developed in RF 3.3 and i'm facing problem during compilation.


      The following code doesn't work more.


      public static final void showWhenRendered(FacesContext jsf, String modalPanelId, boolean showWhenRendered) {

              UIViewRoot viewRoot = jsf.getViewRoot();

              if (viewRoot != null) {

                  Object modalPanel = viewRoot.findComponent(modalPanelId);

                  if (modalPanel != null) {

                      ((HtmlModalPanel)modalPanel).setShowWhenRendered(showWhenRendered); <<<<<<<<<< Error!

                  } else {

                      System.out.println(">> WARNING!!! In 'showWhenRendered' could not find modalPanel with ID ["+modalPanelId+"]!");






      Tnks in Advance.