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    100% CPU Utilization Issue; Manual Patching - reg

    Shankar Ram Newbie

      Hi Team,


      I have a production instance of an application that has been badly hit by the RF-7248 issue with a 100% constant CPU utilization.


      Since I understand no more releases of RF 3 are planned, I want to patch this fix into my current version of the RF library.


      We are currently on Release 3.2.2 SR1.


      Now I can take one of the following 2 actions -


      1. Simply download the 3.2.2 SR 1 release from SVN and only patch the fix for the above issue.

      2. Upgrade to 3.3.3 Final and patch the fix for the above issue.


      I am concerned that upgrading to 3.3.3 Final may cause other issues in functionality that is working well currently.


      So my question is can we upgrade to 3.3.3 Final from 3.2.2 SR1 by simpy replacing the corresponding rich faces jars with no other application code level change ?


      Since we use Seam, is there a Seam dependency that we must take into consideration for compatibility ?


      Thanks for the support.