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    JBoss 6 running as a service using JBossNativeWindows

    david kuehner Newbie

      I am trying to get my jboss to start as a service, but the jbossnativewindows server.bat doesn't install it properly. It comes back with a message saying "service Jboss application server 6.0 installed" but it doesn't show up in the services window and if I try a net start it says that the service name isn't valid. It seems that the server.bat doesn't actually install it.


      If I just type "service start" it does start jboss and I can access my application, but it is just a running program in a cmd window so it isn't running as a service - if I close that window it stops.


      I have set JBOSS_HOME, JAVA_HOME, my path points to my java bin (no trailing "\" in the path as was warned about in one post)


      I am using jboss-6.0.0.Final and jdk1.6.0_17 (64 bit) and Windows 7 64bit.


      JBoss runs just fine if I start it manually.


      Is this a 64 bit issue? I used to use the "wrapper" program from tanukisoftware but that costs a lot of $$ (I'd love to support them, but I sell my software so I need a developers license and I just can't afford that at this point).