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    jsf application and classpath

    Hubert Lyczek Newbie



      This is for Jboss 6.


      I have a jsf application, with bundled jsf implementation. It seems to work fine, application uses bundled jsf implementation.

      At least Jboss logger tells that:


      [config] Initializing Mojarra 2.1.1 (FCS 20110408) for context '/jsf2.0'


      But in JSF Guide for Jboss I found, that parameter  org.jboss.jbossfaces.WAR_BUNDLES_JSF_IMPL should be set to true in order to tell JSF Deployer, that bundled implementation should be used.


      So I bielieve, that without setting this parameter to true, both jsf implementations are added to application classpath:

      - bundled

      - provided by JSF Deployer


      I just would like to check that, but I realized that I don't know how to check/print application classpath.

      Does anyone know how to do this?


      Thanks in advance