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    Initial WSRP Producer configuration

    Christoph Hennes Newbie



      we are using EPP 5.1 with remote portlets. During deployments, our consumer portal is completly fresh installed. Therefore, previously installed WSRP producer configuration is lost and JBoss falls back to wsrp-consumers-config.xml. But unfortunately, during refresh of the newly created consumer, the producer complains about a duplicate registration which is not solveable at the moment (see https://issues.jboss.org/browse/GTNWSRP-208).


      Therefore we have tried to disable the need for registration on the producer side in wsrp-producer-config.xml. But it seems that JBoss ignores the "requiresRegistration" attribute and always sets this property to 'true' during initial producer setup.


      I have three questions about this:


      1.) At the moment we have to put our 'wsrp-consumers-config.xml' always under 'conf' into the classpath. The location configured in




      seems to be ignored during default setup. Is this correct?


      2.) Why is the registrationRequired attribute not configurable in the default configuration (wsrp-producer-config.xml)? This would avoid further manual steps after portal setup.


      3.) If a DuplicateRegistrationException is thrown on the producer side, would it be possible to simple ignore this exception at the consumer side and proceed as the registration itself seems to be ok?


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