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    Timely deployment of changed html / xhtml

    Adrian Moos Newbie

      I use JBoss Tools 3.2 to deploy a tiny webapp to jboss-6.1.0-SNAPSHOT (which I got from https://ci.jboss.org/jenkins/view/JBoss%20AS/job/JBoss-AS-6.1.x/ ).


      I have noticed a rather annoying delay between saving an xhtml (containing a facelets view) or static html, and seeing the changes take effect in the running application. To be precise, the delay is usually anywhere between 1 to 10 seconds; on rare occasions the change had not taken effect minutes later. Is that normal?


      I use the default publishing settings in the server configuration ("Automatically publish when resources change" and "Publishing interval (in seconds) = 1").


      Copying the modified resource to the deploy directory seems to occur in a timely manner - at least, in the case where the change hadn't taken effect even after minutes, I was able to verify that the resource in the deploy directory had been updated, and did contain the change.