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    Migrating From weblogic 8.1 to Jboss 5.1 Help please...??

    mckiran87 Newbie

      I am trying to migrate a project based on struts1.X, JDK 1.4 deployed on websphere 8.1 to Jboss 5.1 which is on java 1.6.

      I am new to both the Servers can you please help me where to start and what are the steps to follow.???

      the code is built on java 1.4. which i am thinking to change it to java 1.6  and try to deplor it on the jboss server.


      I also think that there is considerable amount of supporting jar files which need to be changed in the application.

      The application uses webservices as well....

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          Wolfgang Knauf Master



          I don't know of a "migration" guide, so it is "try and error" ;-).


          But some things to start looking at:

          -Check the list of supporting JARs bundled with your app. You must remove all weblogic specific JARs, there should be no XML parser included (e.g. Xerces), there should be no J2EE jars and no webservice JARs. All of those are provided by JBoss. If you are not sure about the file list, you might post it here.

          -do you use Weblogic specific deployment descriptors? If yes you have to find the JBoss equivalent files.


          Probably you can keep your app at Java 1.4 for the first step.


          Try to keep the steps as small as possible: first migrate the existing app to JBoss, then change to Java 1.6. And if all this is done, you might try to "upgrade" it from J2EE1.4 to JavaEE5 (this might be the biggest part of work).


          Best regards