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    Delivery vehicle for SwitchYard

    Jiri Pechanec Apprentice



      I saw that currently there are supported both AS 6 and AS 7 as runtime environment for SY. I would say that using AS 7 is much better user experience. OTOH the servers has different internals so I can image increasing effort to support SY on both of them seeing bugs in one or the other.


      Is there a valid reason for targeting AS 6? Should not be discontinued when AS 7 is GAed and focus only on the progressive - and honestly a more delightful?



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          Magesh Bojan Master

          He... He... I strongly agree. I guess the community needs to wait until AS7 is fully released. Keith should direct us more on this.

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            Keith Babo Master

            This is more or less a function of the project history.  When we first set about creating a release distribution many months ago, AS7 was undergoing a fair amount of change still.  AS6, on the other, was final and stable.  So we used AS6 as a safety and pressed forward with AS7 to see if we could make it work.  Magesh did some awesome work there and we now have the luxury of supporting both.


            AS 7 will absolutely be the focus moving forward and we will target that as the primary AS platform once it's final.