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    Domain wide adminstration console for Jboss application server.

    neeraj dixit Newbie



      I created a admin console for my use..now I am planning to put it as open source for people who might be interested..


      It can be used for


      1. Creating, deleting, starting, stoping servers on a machine.(clustered and standalone)

      2. One click windows service deployment for servers.

      3. Deploying applications from local and remote machine (ear, war, jar).

      4. creating datasources, queues, topics, connection factoring and deploying them to clusters or multiple servers.



      This is the start... if it generates enough interest I will contiue it and try to make it more usable...


      I am still testing it and is still not available for public download. I will post a tutorial video in next couple of days.


      You can check the project at




      and the first screenshots at




      If this interests you..please let me know..