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    Documentation restructure


      I am starting the process of migrating the docbook representation of the documentation, into the new Confluence based documentation editor (https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/SAVARA/Home). Once this is complete, the documentation will be edited online, and when a release is being produced, it will be exported to a docbook representation, which will be built as before.


      So from now on, no changes should be made to the documentation in the git repositories directly, as these changes will be lost.


      As part of this process I am also restructuring the documentation. Previously the documentation was all built in the savara-integration repository, as this project produces a distribution. However some of the documentation is very specific to the other repositories, so better to be stored and built with those repositories.


      So the 'Getting Started Guide' will be stored in the savara-core repository, as it is an overall tutorial for testable architecture and spans many of the tools and capabilities (or it will).


      The other document that will go in the savara-core repository is the Developer Guide, as in general developers will be using the core modules or atleast their apis.


      Currently there are two tool repositories, savara-tools-eclipse and savara-tools-web. Both of these repositories will have a User Guide document explaining how to use the tools.


      Finally the savara-integration project is likely to have a Configuration or Installation Guide relates to the various integration options that are available - possibly one per target platform (e.g. JBoss, Tomcat, etc).

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          The Getting Started Guide has not been fully ported: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/SAVARA/Getting+Started+Guide - so this should make collaborative editing easier.


          I need to update the BPEL example based on the new purchasing four participant version, so this section isn't finished yet.


          As it may take a bit longer to sort out service validators for AS7 (switchyard/jbossas), I have removed the runtime validation sections from the getting started guide, and will probably change the downloads section to just point to the Eclipse update site. Once we start getting server side runtime validation components on AS7, then I will re-introduce those sections.