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    First steps for a newbie in portal development

    Anton Zorin Newbie

      Hi Everybody,


      I have started to learn gatein and have a set of questions (which might occur dumb to someone - please don't judge me hard) and I would be very appreciated for the answers.


      1. Portlet container and portal. I found two ways to create portals: either via UI or by hands. Are the results of those the same? Does UI-way create a portal container when one hits 'create new portal' button? Is portal always a web application? I have created one using UI, but didn't find any new web application in 'deploy' folder.


      One guy on this forum gave me a link on how to create a new portal and container from scratch: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/Createanewportalcontainerusingextension. It seems not detailed enough for me, since it describes only xml files, but the remaining contents is unclear. For example, it is mentiones that there should be a rest application created, but it is vague what (if any) the specific REST services should be implemented?


      2. IDE. Can you please say are there any eclipse plugins providing wizards to create portals and portal containers? If not are there any tools that allow to do that? I've installed JBoss tools for eclipse but they deal with portlets..


      3. Skins. Should sking be a web application? Should it be a part of portal's or portal's container's ear? I tried to use SimpleSkin as base and copied the wrapping web-application (gatein-simple-skin.war)  with the changed 'gatein-resources.xml' (updated skin name) and 'web.xml' (updated resource filter) into the 'deploy' folder, but the new skin didn't appear in the list of available skins even after gatein restart. Can you please say what was missed?


      Thank you in advance!