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    Which ConnectionFactory should be used

    Vinay Bommarati Newbie

      Hello All


      Iam a new bie to JMS . I have certain doubts pls clarify and correct me if iam wrong........


      Generally a ConnectionFactory is used to get logical connection to JMSProvider . So for jbossMessaging as JMS provider , which ConnectionFactory can be used ?? If i browse through xml's that jboss provides for JMS , i found different ConnectionFactories namely




      jmsXA etc..


      And pls explain me difference between transaction & non transaction jms sending /receiving ..............I read in dis community that jmsXA has internal caching mechanisms for  Connections , Sessions but should be used for Transacted sessions....can't  i use it for non-transacted sesssions??  Bit a confused with these things ..(((


      pls answer above questions or pls share links for jboss docs on these things .........


      Thanks in advance an eagerly waiting for replies.....:(