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    Bug in suggestionValues in combobox


      Hello all


      There is an issue with <rich:comboBox suggestionValues


      I have this:



      <rich:comboBox suggestionValues="#{nationalityTableBean.capitalsNames}"


                               defaultLabel="Enter some value">


          <f:selectItems value="#{nationalityTableBean.capitalsNames}" />




      and in the bean ...



      List<SelectItem> capitalsNames = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();


      capitalsNames.add(new SelectItem("xxx","yyy"));


      but what appears inside the combobox is 2 values instead of 1 ...


      The first one is


      >>          javax.faces.model.SelectItem@18eff3c

      and the second one is


      >>           xxx




      see image attached ..


      Please help !!


      Thanks  a  lot