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    [inputNumberSlider] change color of the inslider track

    Gérard Baste Newbie


      I am facing a problem whem trying to change the color of an inputNumberSlider in a JSP page. I want to change the background of the slider bar, as if I was changing the skin of the RichFaces component.

      It has been two days I am reading the documentation, but I cannot figure out how to do.

      Here is my code:

      <rich:inputNumberSlider value="2000" width="500" minValue="1950" maxValue="2009" styleClass="rich-inslider-track"
       showToolTip="true" />

      and the css file:

      The picture below shows what I get, and what I want to get (the colors are not the same but it does not matter):

      Thank you for your help!