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    JBoss base question

    Igor Stepanov Newbie

      Hi to all!

      I just start to learn a JBoss AS, and i can't understand what is JBoss instance look like? How could I create an instance?

      I read the document "Installation And Getting Started Guide", but for this moment don't understand how this AS is working!

      Maybe I started with wrong way, so, what documents should I read to understand the foundation of JBoss?

      Thanks for the attention =)

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Igor, welcome to the JBoss forums!


          Which version of JBoss AS do you have? Also what OS are you using?


          An "instance" is when you have a JVM running JBoss AS. In other words, when you enter "run" on the command line you are starting an instance. What is actually running is the JVM (there will be a java process running in Task Manager or visible using ps). That JVM will be using JAR file found in jboss_home/lib and jboss_home/common/lib (for 5.0 and later) and jboss_home/server/xxx/lib (4.3 and earlier). The 'xxx' is a sudirectory of server and is often referred to as a configuration with the common configurations being "default" and  "all". The 'default' configuration is what is run if you don't specify a configuration on the command line.


          You might try grabbing the free chapter 1 for JBoss in Action (http://www.manning.com.jamae), it will give you and introduction into JBoss AS fundamentals. The book is specific to AS 5.x but with a few minor directory changes also applies to 6.0 and 4.x.

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            Igor Stepanov Newbie

            Peter, thank you very much for reply!


            I use the 5.1 version and the WinXP OS.


            Now I see what an instance is look like. I hope, I find all answers for found questions =)