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    How to contribute

    Jiri Pechanec Apprentice



      I think there is a one important document missing. I really liked a doc that Tim Fox created for HornetQ in the past



      I was thinking about writing it myself in the form of do this, checkout this, prepare that, do this but then I realized I cannot. What would be the best way for newbie to start with SwitchYard? Is there a backlog of tasks/feature requests that can be  chosen by new starters so they can start contributing? Logical would be to identify most important Camel components and create a serie of tasks to support a configuration so the potential committer can have something they can choose from?


      What is preferred way for contribution - diff patch, git pull?


      I envision the following structure of the document

      1. How to prepare the development environment - which branch clone, how to se-up either command line env or Eclipse
      2. How to choose the task to work on to avoid duplication of efforts and minimize the risk of not accepting the contribution
      3. What is the format of the sources to be accepted - any coding standards, licence headers?
      4. How to submit the contribution?
      5. When and how should I expect  feedback about my contribution?


      And there should be a link to such document from project pages and top of project space.