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    is the  <rich:graphValidator> have a problem with   <f:validateBean/>

    Mohammad Najdawi Newbie

      Hello All,

      i want to share you my problem,

      i work on JSF2 + richFaces + JSR 303 validation

      i have a page that have a <rich:graphValidator>

      assume my code in short as follow:


      <rich:graphValidator groups="Group">

             <h:inputText  id="carName"  value="#{carDataBean.carName}"  ">

                <f:validateBean disable="false"  validationGroups="test.MyGroup"/>





      this code didn't work with me(vaidationGroups does not work) , but when i remove   <rich:graphValidator> it works fine.

      so i want to ask, is the  <rich:graphValidator> have a problem with   <f:validateBean/>, or what is the problem?



      Mohd. Noor