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    Rest Service deployment issue on JBossWS-CXF-3.4.0 and JBoss 5.1

    Kyle Bober Newbie

      We have a war that contains some Rest Services using Apache CXF. When we try to deploy the wat to JBoss 5.1 using JBossWS-CFX-3.4.0  and using Spring 3.0.5 we run into the following deployment error:


      Unexpected exception parsing XML document from class path resource [spring/DocumentQueryRestContext.xml]; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.FatalBeanException: Class [org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.spring.NamespaceHandler] for namespace [http://cxf.apache.org/jaxrs] does not implement the [org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.NamespaceHandler] interface


      I have noticed a similar thread related to this here (although this is related to JBoss 6 ):



      I have a feeling this might be a classloader issue of some sort related to an offending JAR. Does anyone have any thoughts??? I am loosing my mind trying to resolve this issue.