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    Getting Resource Injection exception in jbossweb-standalone profile

    Balachandar Pandian Newbie

      Our JSF application which makes a WS invocation (@WebServiceRef) works fine in "default" server profile of AS6. Now since I wanted to slimdown from default, I tried deploying my app in "jbossweb-standalone" profile. At first the JSF page did not itself show up untill I added the "jsf.deployer" folder in the deployers directory. Now the pages started showing up fine but when I tried accessing my actual page I get resource injection related exceptions as shown below. What am i missing in the "jbossweb-standalone" profile which is available in the "default" one to fix the issue. Any help would be appreciated.


      javax.servlet.ServletException: An error occurred performing resource injection on managed bean xxxxxxx


      root cause


      com.sun.faces.mgbean.ManagedBeanCreationException: An error occurred performing resource injection on managed bean xxxxxxxx


      root cause


      com.sun.faces.spi.InjectionProviderException: unable to process injections.


      root cause