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    How to expose a legacy of jBPM application by using ESB?

    simon shen Newbie

      I just have an idea that I want to expose my jBPM application as a JMS interface by ESB.


      pdl source snippet

      <start-state name="start">
        <task name="fillReimbursementBill">
          <variable access="write" name="title"></variable>
          <variable access="write" name="moneycount"></variable>
          <variable access="write" name="remark"></variable>
        <event type="node-enter">
           <action name="bpmStartAction" class="jbpmweb.reimburse.action.BPMStartAction" config-type="bean"></action>
        <transition to="managerApprove"></transition>

      <task-node name="managerApprove">
        <task name="managerApprove">
         <assignment class="org.springmodules.workflow.jbpm31.JbpmHandlerProxy"
          <variable access="read" name="title"></variable>
          <variable access="read" name="moneycount"></variable>
          <variable access="read" name="remark"></variable>
          <variable access="read" name="issueperson"></variable>
        <transition to="rejectNotice" name="reject"></transition>
        <transition to="choise" name="agree"></transition>



      Now, I can submit a reimbursement bill through web page, it will start the work flow, and create task instances.

      If I want to expose the interface of this work flow, for example,

          another system can deliver a message by JMS to this jBPM application,

      How can I do?